Immigrant Archive Project Partners with Entravision for Exclusive Spanish-language Content Distribution

The Immigrant Archive Project (IAP) is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking Spanish-language content distribution partnership with Entravision, a global advertising solutions, media and technology company with a diversified portfolio of television and radio stations that is serving the rapidly growing Hispanic population in the United States. This partnership will expand the reach of the Immigrant Archive Project’s compelling immigrant stories to a broader audience.

Starting September 14, 2023, to align with the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month and continuing through the end of the year, Entravision’s television stations will feature exclusive Immigrant Archive Project segments during their midday news program, Al Dia Al Mediodia. These segments will shine a spotlight on the rich and diverse tapestry of immigrant experiences in America, capturing the personal journeys, challenges, and triumphs of individuals who have contributed to the vibrant mosaic of our nation.

The Immigrant Archive Project, founded by Tony Hernández, has been dedicated to preserving and sharing the narratives of immigrants for over a decade. With a vast archive of interviews, photographs, and testimonials from immigrants across the United States, IAP offers a unique perspective on the immigrant experience that is both moving and enlightening.

“Entravision’s commitment to serving the Hispanic community aligns perfectly with the Immigrant Archive Project’s mission of promoting understanding and appreciation of the immigrant journey,” said Tony Hernández, Founder of the Immigrant Archive Project. “We are excited to collaborate with Entravision in bringing these powerful stories to a wider audience.”

“We are excited to include these amazing Immigrant Archive Project stories as part of our mid day news “Al Dia A Mediodia” for Hispanic Heritage month”, says Bertha Gonzales, VP of News Operations & Programming for Entravision Communications.  “Immigrants are the lifeline of this country and these journeys are a part of the fabric of our nation”

The partnership between the Immigrant Archive Project and Entravision is a testament to the power of storytelling in inclusivity and cultural understanding. Don’t miss these inspiring segments, airing exclusively on Entravision’s midday news program, Al Dia a Mediodia, starting September 14, 2023, and continuing through the end of the year.

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