impreMedia launches site covering the Mexican Presidential Election.

impreMedia announced the launch of México acá ( focusing on coverage of the presidential election on July 1st, 2012.

Content will feature news features, political analysis, opinion/editorials, and original video produced by journalists across the impreMedia network of publications in U.S. cities with a high concentration of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, New York and San Francisco. Special reports will also be filed by impreMedia correspondents in Mexico and Washington DC.

“Our goal is for this new site to become a reference for Mexicans here in the United States,” said Hilda Garcia, VP of Multiplatform News and Information for impreMedia, “we want to help address the problems and challenges and give people the opportunity to learn more and increase their understanding of and participation in culture and politics in Mexico.”

“This initiative combines high-quality journalism with the voices and data direct from Mexicans in the U.S.” said María Antonieta Mejía, Editor of El Mensajero. “It’s a critical perspective on the relationship between Mexicans in U.S. institutions and society and that of their country of origin, Mexico.”

“Our new website is devoted to portray and to analyze how the Mexicans and Mexican Americans in the U.S.  are seeing the Mexican presidential election process, and how the Mexican politicians are seeing the Mexicans communities this side of the border.  We want to provide this very important but neglected point of view to better serve our audiences,” said Jesús Del Toro, Editor of Rumbo and La Raza.

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