ImpreMedia Newspapers lead in Excellence Awards from the National Association of Hispanic Publicatio

ImpreMedia led in awards received by the National Association of Hispanic Publications’ (NAHP) 23rd Annual Conference with 27 awards and 9 of them Gold. The José Martí Awards for Excellence in Hispanic Print represents the most prestigious Hispanic media awards in the nation.

ImpreMedia’s New York daily, El Diario La Prensa, the premier Latino publication in the New York-area, shined with a total of 14 awards, including the Gold in outstanding Daily Newspaper in the U.S. ImpreMedia’s Los Angeles-based daily and the country’s largest Spanish-language newspaper, La Opinión, received the 2nd place Silver.

“I am proud of each award we have received, including the Gold Medal for general excellence as the best daily newspaper in the US. It is due recognition of the world class journalism and selfless team work that makes ‘El Diario el Campeón de los Hispanos,’” Said Alberto Vourvoulias, Editor in Chief of El Diario La Prensa.

El Diario La Prensa garnered the most awards of any single publication, while, La Opinión and additional impreMedia papers all ranked high with award recognitions. Award highlights include Gold Awards in excellence to El Diario La Prensa for Best Design a as a Tabloid, Written Word, Photos, Outstanding Special Supplements and in best the category of Autos and Sports sections. La Opinión received the Gold Award for Outstanding Business and Travel section, the Silver for Entertainment and the Bronze in the Photo category. La Raza also received the Bronze award for Outstanding Tabloid Design; and El Mensajero received the Silver for Outstanding Business section and the Bronze for Outstanding Special Section. La Prensa, Rumbo and El Mensajero all received key awards in the Written Word category.

“These awards further solidify impreMedia’s position as the number one creator of Spanish-language content in the industry. We are proud of all our papers and thank the NAHP for recognizing our commitment to journalistic excellence,” stated Monica Lozano, SVP of Newspapers for impreMedia.

ImpreMedia publications El Diario La Prensa in New York, La Opinión in Los Angeles, La Raza in Chicago, El Mensajero in the San Francisco Bay area, La Prensa in Orlando/Tampa and Rumbo in South Central Texas dominated the NAHP awards with 10 Gold, 11 Silver and 6 Bronze for a total of 27 awards.

This is the 3rd annual NAHP José Martí Awards for Excellence in Publishing. The six categories for the awards included: outstanding publications, outstanding sections, written word, design, photos and cartoons and marketing.

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