It’s Time to Go to Bed.

Grupo Gallegos continues to revolutionize the conversation around milk. As part of the campaign for the California Milk Processor Board that inspires people to see life “with the glass half-full,” this multimedia platform developed to appeal to back to school season, reminds parents of the importance of a good night’s sleep for their children and reinforces a special parent-child bonding ritual: a glass of milk and a story before bed.

“Our message is directed to both Hispanic moms, who are the defenders of milk, and their children, who are the primary consumers of milk,” said Pablo Buffagni, Chief Creative Officer. “This was quite a challenge to implement because our segment is already drinking an average of two glasses of milk per day. Since having milk with breakfast prior to leaving for school is often portrayed, we created a fresh take on the experience of enjoying milk. A great day really begins with a good night’s sleep.”

Grupo Gallegos created a series of bedtime storybooks that integrate milk consumption in a fun way. In one of them, Sofía, the main character, imagines that the stars are made of milk and wishes that she could drink them with a straw. By the story’s end, Sofía legitimizes this desire by asking her mom: “Why do you think they call it the Milky Way?”

Grupo Gallegos partnered with Ser Padres magazine to distribute more than 120K storybooks to pediatricians’ offices all over California. The digital versions of the books are also available on El Maestro del Vaso Medio Lleno’s Facebook tab under the url:

In many Spanish-speaking countries, networks ran a segment at the end of youth programming that told their young viewers it was bedtime. Inspired by that tradition, Grupo Gallegos created an animated video with a corresponding song. In it, cute milk droplets help a little boy to fall asleep. The segment was scheduled to air during the first month of school at the same time nightly. It ran on the two largest Spanish language television networks: Univision and Telemundo.

To increase tune-ins to the nightly video, Grupo Gallegos created radio spots and online display banners to direct parents to the stories, reminding them that it’s time for their children to go to bed. These additional ads are timed to occur between 7 and 8pm in order to maximize their effect.

Since Hispanic moms over-index in both smart phone usage along with being active on them while watching TV, Grupo Gallegos partnered with Shazam, making The California Milk Processor Board the first to use Shazam-enabled Spanish-language PSA on Telemundo. Parents can use Shazam to tag video and song for a free download of the custom storybooks. They can read these storybooks to their children, replay the video, leave comments, and share with their friends.

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