iVillageMujer de Hoy goes LIVE.

NBCUniversal’s Telemundo Media and iVillage launched iVillage Mujer de Hoy, a multi-platform bilingual destination that will live on Telemundo.com.

The launch sponsor for iVillage Mujer de Hoy, Unilever, will showcase Caress and POND’S brands, through their Divina Latina program.Additionally, Adamari Lopez, the enormously popular bilingual Hispanic star and newly named host of Telemundo’s morning show “Un Nuevo Dia” (formerly “Levantate”), has been named Ambassador of iVillage Mujer de Hoy. In this role, she will contribute to the site, as well as bring the site’s content to television through two weekly segments on “Un Nuevo Dia,” ensuring that iVillage Mujer de Hoy has a multi-platform presence.

“iVillageMujer de Hoy is truly harnessing the power of both digital and television to amplify its voice and reach Latinas everywhere, in the language of their choice,” said Peter Blacker, EVP of Digital, Telemundo. “We understand that Hispanic women in the U.S. live in two culturally different worlds, and we set out to offer content through a single lens that speaks specifically to them.”

“Launching iVillage Mujer de Hoy with the “Get Great Hair” Challenge epitomizes what the site will be about – inspiration, real solutions, community, and fun,” said Jodi Kahn, President, iVillage. “While the iVillage audience certainly includes Latinas, the new site speaks very specifically to this group of women, ensuring that the content penetrates even more deeply for them. I am so excited that some of the signature products that have worked so well on iVillage will be adapted for our Hispanic sister community.”

Taking a cue from “CelebVillage,” another trademark iVillage franchise which features monthly celebrity bloggers, iVillage Mujer de Hoy will showcase Hispanic talent, such as Maria Celeste, novela stars Eugenio Siller and Maritza Rodriguez, and Ana Maria Polo, as guest bloggers. Contributions from Latina guest bloggers who are also popular in the general market will be shared on iVillage, and vice versa.

The editorial team at iVillage Mujer de Hoy will be led by Jessica Serrano.

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