Jennifer Lopez Shares Views On Being A Latin Woman.

Her tempestuous love life and infamous taste for the extravagant are constant fodder for gossip columns, but superstar Jennifer Lopez insists she remains an old-fashioned romantic who, even now, refuses to ask a guy out on a date. This month Lopez opened up about this and more to Latina Magazine. In the report, she addresses being part of a new generation of Latinas and feeling “very comfortable [pursuing my dreams], because I don’t try to be anything but myself.”

Lopez, who recently separated from long-time beau Sean “Puffy” Combs, replied with an emphatic “No!” when asked if she has ever asked a guy out on a date. She tells Latina Magazine that she thinks women “give up so much in a relationship” and “we tend to give away all our power, because we love so completely.” The actress, who is currently working on a film about an abused woman called Enough, says that the film is important to her because it’s about “finding balance — loving someone, but still being an individual . . . [The movie is important] even on smaller levels, like being in a relationship that you know you shouldn’t be in. It’s about not losing yourself in a relationship, about going, ‘I deserve this. I’m a person, too.'”

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