Jose Miguel Sokoloff, Who Brought Peace to Colombia Through Advertising, Joins ARF Annual Conference

Jose Miguel Sokoloff, an award-winning creative who leads one of the most renown Latin American agencies, will be a keynote speaker at The Advertising Research Foundation’s (The ARF) Annual Conference, held March 20-21, 2017, in New York City.

Jose Miguel is the President of MullenLowe Group’s Creative Council, Co-Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of MullenLowe SSP3 in Colombia. He has been inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame and his agency was a triple Cannes Grand Prix Winner in 2011 for a campaign with the Colombian Ministry of Defense.

The Colombian Government gave him a daunting task: launch a campaign to end the country’s 52-year war by using an effective communication and advertising strategy. The goal was to persuade guerillas to lay down their arms and leave the jungle without firing a shot. By understanding the guerillas on a human level, Jose Miguel uncovered a unique insight. This inspired their campaign, “Operation Christmas” where Christmas lights were placed on trees in the jungle of the guerilla’s territory. The effect was a powerful one: it truly touched the guerillas’ hearts and 300 demobilized. Since then, subsequent campaigns have been deployed and over 14,000 guerillas have been demobilized.

The identification of key insights led to the realization of Jose Miguel’s successful strategy and campaign. The ARF recognizes the importance of insights, which is reflected in this year’s Annual Conference theme: “Unlocking Advertising Insights.” The event will showcase industry-winning case studies and original research as well groundbreaking insights to develop great creative. The conference has attracted a unique and diversified community of advertising practitioners for over 60 years: advertisers, agencies, solution providers, ad tech, and media companies.

“We are so honored to have Jose Miguel Sokoloff as our closing keynote,” said Rachael Feigenbaum, SVP, Events Program Producer from The ARF, “he exemplifies how the sheer potency of creative advertising can change minds by appealing to humanity.”


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