La Gran Fiesta that did not happen.

      The most important moment in our Industry’s history came and went by, without ‘bombos ni platillos’ o una ‘Gran Fiesta’.


We celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Fiestas Patrias without hesitation, but the fact that we surpassed the 50,000,000 mark of Hispanics in the United States was barely covered, written about or celebrated.


Yesterday Thursday March 24, 2011, the US Census and Pew Institute released the numbers and final analysis of the size and growth of the US Hispanic population, a moment that should have been memorialized.


Not a single mainstream advertising and/or marketing trade journal cover the story, but many of you believe that is where you messaging must occur to be noticed in the Ad Industry.  Not a single trade organization that has an interest in the growth of our Industry did neither.  A press release?  A new conference?


50,000,000 Hispanic in the United States of America !  … and soon to be more.


Only Hispanic Market Weekly and our publications,,, and in Puerto Rico covered this important moment in our Industry’s history.


The days are gone since we celebrate key milestones in our Industry.


Are we that insensitive or self-important not seek new milestones?


Que pena.


It must be that Arturo Villar’s and our trade journals have skin in the game. 


How about your company?


Gene Bryan




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