La Promesa airs on Pasiones

Pasiones has announced the U.S. premiere of the immensely popular Turkish series La Promesa (‘The Promise’) which will make its debut on Monday, May 31, at 6 p.m. ET / 3 p.m. PT. The Karamel Yapim drama garnered a massive world-wide fan base due to its compelling storyline, tackling love, trust, hope, revenge and the institution of marriage.  

La Promesa follows the life of Reyhan, a humble and kind country girl, who promises to marry the son of Hikmet, an old family friend, after the latter reveals he is terminally ill. Hikmet’s illness is exacerbated by growing concerns over his legacy and the fate of his family fortune if left in the hands of his frivolous son, Emir, and Hikmet’s own greedy wife, Cavidan. The plot examines the complicated relationship between Reyhan and Emir, two seemingly dissimilar young people from very different worlds, and the tangled circumstances that ultimately tie them together.

“We aim to offer our viewers a unique, rich, multicultural, and varied experience with our programming,” said Marina Dimitrius, senior director of programming and on-air promotions for Hemisphere Media Group, Inc., Pasiones’ parent company. “Turkish content is in very high demand, and La Promesa is yet another high-caliber production that offers our audience more of the captivating, romantic, cultural drama — with a traditional twist — they love. Thanks to our international partnerships and differentiated offering, we continue to push against the conventional expectations of legacy telenovela and drama channels.”  


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