La Raza launches newspaper redesign.

La Raza Newspaper in Chicago has re-launched with unprecedented response from the Hispanic community and its advertisers. The new, vibrant and redesigned publication is the result of extensive market research that called for an innovative way to present the news to the fastest-growing minority in the country.

The redesigned publication was successfully launched on May 11, featuring a magazine-like design that is attractive and user friendly. The new layout utilizes more images, photos and graphics, making each article as impactful as possible. In addition, this new format presents a robust editorial environment with more articles that are shorter and more concise. Furthermore, La Raza has upgraded the paper quality and features new page sizes for modular ad configurations to ease the flow of editorial content and ad layout.

Ruben Keoseyan, Publisher of La Raza, praised the weekly’s modern look and stressed the importance of retaining its leadership role which the paper has maintained in the national arena for almost four decades.

“After listening to our readers, we felt it was imperative to bring them a newspaper that adequately reflects their demands and taste. The new format complements our recently redesigned website, La, and supports our vision of news consumption by providing our users multiple ways of accessing news and information. The idea is to create a news environment that is modern, easy to read and attractive; we expect immediate responses from our readers as well as a faster response for our advertisers,” said Keoseyan.

“We have incorporated changes that will deliver top results to our advertisers. Part of our redesign includes a transition to modular ad sizes that has dramatically improved the navigation of our publication. This change has improved ad positioning, while creating an environment where advertisers are certain to get the results they need,” said Brian Baase, General Sales Manager.

In addition, La Raza has strengthened its market presence with 400 new honor boxes and 200 new distribution racks allowing a stronger newspaper presence in Chicago and suburbs.

“The vigorous efforts La Raza is making to strengthen its position in the market are a clear indication of the confidence we have in the growing market presence of Hispanics. The ‘new’ La Raza shows our continuous commitment to the Hispanic community that has been supporting us for over 38 years. The community was asking for a change and we changed for them,” said Jimena Catarivas, Marketing and Community Relations Manager.

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