Largest Consumers of Carbonates.

New research from Euromonitor International identified Argentina, Chile and Mexico as the top markets in per capita consumption of carbonates worldwide, making the region one of the most important worldwide for carbonate manufacturers.

According to Euromonitor, Argentineans top the global list with 131 liters per capita in 2o12, followed by Chileans with 121 liters and Mexicans with 119. Another Latin American country, Uruguay, also appears in the top 10 ranking, as number 7 in per capita consumption with 87 liters. The other countries in the top 10 list include USA, Norway, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Germany and Ireland.

In these markets, carbonates function not only as sweet beverage treats, but are used for refreshment during warm summer months, increasing drink occasions and making carbonates a favourite amongst consumers.

“Carbonates are an aspirational symbol to lower income consumers who use the drink when spending time with the family,” says Beverages Industry Analyst, Jonas Feliciano. “Like many markets, consumer concerns about health and obesity continue to be a threat to carbonate manufacturers, but innovations in artificial sweeteners, as well as interesting flavors to mask the aftertaste of those sweeteners, have gone far to alleviate some concerns. The addition of natural fruit juices to some carbonate brands also diminishes some consumer health concerns.”

About what is to come, Jonas Feliciano states: “Moving forward, Latin American markets will continue to be important as growing economies and the increase in disposable income of consumers encourages manufacturers to invest further in the infrastructure, distribution, and marketing of soft drinks.”

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