Las Chicas de San Frediano joins the Estelares Vme Lineup.

Vme introduces Las Chicas de San Frediano (The Girls of San Frediano) to the Estelares Vme lineup on Monday, May 7 at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT).  Estelares Vme showcases the best international contemporary cinema filled with eclectic characters and groundbreaking works. Each miniseries in Estelares Vme runs on four consecutive nights Monday – Thursday at 9:00pm (ET/PT).
This four-part miniseries, based on a story written by Alberto Moravia, takes place in a small province in Florence at the end of World War II. The story’s handsome hero, Aldo, is a local mechanic who is highly revered and admired for his killing of an enemy German sniper. However, it is later discovered that he has only taken credit for the heroic act in order to engage in several amorous escapades with the local neighborhood girls. His beautiful conquests learn of his multiple, secret seductions, and hatch a plan to enact their revenge.   In the end, Aldo has a chance to redeem himself and find the woman he truly loves. 
Filmed and produced by Rai Fiction and Rizzoli Audiovisual and directed by Vittorio Sindoni, the miniseries stars Giampaolo Morelli (Bob), Camilla Filippi (Tosca), Donatella Salvatico (Bice), Vittoria Puccini (Mafalda), Chiara Conti (Gina) and Martina Stella (Silvana).

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