Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications alliance with Digo Media

Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications (L2L), and Digo Hispanic Media Group (Digo), announced their alliance and partnership, consolidating strategic marketing and communications services with the support of their digital proprietary platforms and artificial intelligence to meet the needs of this hyper-growth segment. They are determined to position their alliance as the premier one-stop-shop for companies looking to reach market segmentation through non-traditional media.

“Our experience working together with Digo has transcended client expectations as we continue to build culturally relevant solutions for our national and global clients to help them connect with their communities and expand markets. We decided to unite our efforts and platforms officially as one, as thought-provocateurs strategists, growth accelerators, marketing connectors and award-winning storytellers to meet the ever-shifting needs of our client-partners and establish them as industry leaders,” affirmed Arminda “Mindy” Figueroa, CEO & Founder of Latin2Latin Marketing. “The L2L/Digo Team has recently launched campaigns with clients in Florida, Arizona, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic in breakthrough medical device, consumer products, government initiatives and political candidacy for Governor’s office in the Southwest.”

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