Latinoamérica Televisión adds new programs.

Latinoamérica Televisión will debut two new series: “Machos de Chile” (drama) and “La Lola de Argentina” (comedy). These new programs demonstrate the family entertainment channel’s continued dedication to provide viewers with a constant supply of fresh programming choices from national and regional broadcasters in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Machos de Chile follows the relationships and conflicts of a strong, traditional family. The patriarch, a manipulating and fearless man, imposes his authority over his seven sons at a time when, in order to keep the family together, each will have to overcome their own personal prejudices.

Comedy series La Lola de Argentina features an ensemble cast of eccentric and lovable characters as it observes the ultimate paradox of a once stalwart playboy as he suffers the experiences of being female.

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