Latinum Total Market launches.

Latinum Network announced the launch of Latinum Total Markets.

“America is visibly changing and has become a tapestry of faces and cultures, and our multicultural nation is redefining ‘total market’,” said Michael Klein, Co-Founder, Latinum Network. “Our approach sets itself apart because it focuses the full power of the Latinum Network on our members’ top priorities. Latinum Total Market helps companies reach their target audience, whoever that might be, effectively and efficiently, by starting with insights and evolving through communication plans and touch points.”

In its ongoing efforts to help companies design and implement total market strategies, Latinum Network developed a Total Market Steering Committee of 15 market leaders inside the network, including PepsiCo Beverages, Hallmark and Quaker, among others. The cross-company collaboration is aimed at accelerating total market innovations, with a focus on consumer insights, media and agency services, and ROI and measurement.

“Being a part of Latinum has really enabled us to better define our company’s Total Market approach which is critical to strategically integrate the Hispanic consumers in our plans to deliver our companies’ growth objectives,” said Raul Murguia, Marketing Director, Quaker. “Through the network’s best practices and tools we have been able to leverage unique insights and solutions to effectively and efficiently connect with U.S. Hispanic consumers and shoppers.”

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