LATV adds New York Affiliates.

LATV Networks announced that it has begun airing on WYBN TV-14 in the Albany-Schenectady- Troy, New York media markets.

“This partnership with LATV is key to TV 14’s strategy to cover both ends of the Hispanic demographic. LATV & Mexicanal balance with each other very nicely,” says Dan Viles, WYBN’s General Manager. “LATV is current, unpredictable, and most of all fun to watch! We looked at all Hispanic options & we feel this is the best fit for our area. The fact LATV is bi-lingual is also important.”

“Adding these markets that represent over half a million new Hispanic homes to LATV’s network of affiliates is a real validation of our programming and distribution strategy,” said Francis Wilkinson, LATV Networks Senior Vice-President of Distribution. “LATV has helped local station affiliates solve the riddle of where to look for new revenue – they need only turn to the exploding Hispanic populations in their own backyards.”

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