LATV premieres Mi Angelita al Rescate and Astroloko.

LATV, the first national bi-cultural entertainment network, will add two new shows to its original programming, Mi Angelita al Rescate and Astroloko.

Mi Angelita al Rescate starts off every half hour long episode with one hard-working man who gets his prayers, and fantasies answered, when a beautiful super model comes to the rescue by taking over his most drab job or chore. All the while, he gets the rest and relaxation he deserves, not to mention all the inspiration only an “angel” can provide. See what assignment these angelitas take on Monday through Fridays at 10pm EDT / 7pm PDT.

Astroloko gives you an inside peek into the scandalous world of celebrity love lives via the unpredictable –yet always entertaining- world of astrology. Hosted by Nancy Victoria and Melissa Martinez, this daily entertainment show combines astrology and gossip in a whole new and original way. How does the zodiac determine the fate of your favorite new celebrity couple? How will a talisman help you finally hook up with that lifelong superstar crush of yours? Find out Monday through Friday at 10:30pm EDT / 7:30 PDT.

“Our viewers are hungry for more than just passive television entertainment,” said Luca Bentivoglio, COO and Head of Programming at LATV. “These shows spice up our original programming and give our audience a wide range of options to choose from.”

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