LATV presents new Programming.

LATV adds three new shows to its original programming, Locas por el Futbol, Chef de Metal, and Cuenta Final.

Locas por el Futbol is a new and innovative concept that breaks the stereotypical mold that only men can be passionate about soccer. Locas por el Futbol is a dream come true for any futbol fanatic, as it’s hosted by six beautiful women, exploring in depth the week’s biggest headlines from the most popular sport of the world.  Monday 10pm EDT / 7pm PDT

Chef de Metal is a hilarious spin off the international hit reality television show:  Iron Chef. On Chef de Metal, urban cooks compete to become the best chef in a very peculiar form. Special guest artists judge the dishes and promise to pull no punches. Contestants will have to utilize their culinary skills to prepare disgusting dishes with secret ingredients that aim to add fuel to the fire. Tuesday 10pm EDT / 7pm PDT

Cuenta Final takes an in depth looks at the Mayan prophecies. The different theories, beliefs and visions from scientists, investigators, prophets, sorcerers, writers, and anyone who can help decode all that is related to the possible apocalypse approaching. Cuenta Final is a full hour show that promises to captivate viewers by tapping into their end-of-the-world fears and superstitions. Do you believe? Find out Thursday 10pm EDT / 7pm PDT

“Our viewers are hungry for more than just passive television entertainment,” said Luca Bentivoglio, COO and Head of Programming at LATV. “These shows spice up our original programming and give our audience a wide range of options to choose from.”

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