Liberty Tax Service supports American Red Cross Month with Hispanic Community Outreach.

Liberty Tax Service announced that its Hispanic community initiative, Una Familia Sin Fronteras(A Family Without Boundaries), is supporting American Red Cross Month in Hispanic communities nationwide, helping generate awareness of the American Red Cross‚s lines of service in the local community, promote blood donation in the Hispanic community, and raise funds for community programs and disaster relief.

In key markets throughout the United States, Spanish-speaking representatives of the American Red Cross will participate as guests on 37 live 30-minute Una Familia Sin Fronteras radio shows sponsored by Liberty Tax Service, providing information about their services to the Hispanic community, and encouraging blood donations. American Red Cross representatives will also be guests on 30-minute Una Familia Sin Fronteras TV shows in several markets.

Liberty Tax Service is also working with the American Red Cross to set up and promote blood drives in Hispanic communities throughout the US. The American Red Cross will have their mobile units and trained staff at Liberty Tax Service offices or at community organizations. Liberty Tax Service volunteers will register blood donors, offering giveaways and refreshments to all participants. The blood drives will be promoted in local Liberty Tax Service offices and events, as well as on the local Spanish-language radio stations through the Una Familia Sin Fronteras radio shows as well as PSAs.

“We want to ensure that all services are not only available, but known in the minority and diverse communities we serve – not only be a part of the community, but partner with those community leaders. And, we want to assist with the education and understanding of the need for blood donation along with all the services provided by the American Red Cross,” says Vincent Edwards, Executive Director for Biomedical Services at the American Red Cross. “Liberty Tax Service‚s unique Hispanic community outreach program, Una Familia Sin Fronteras, allows us to reach a traditionally underserved community efficiently and effectively, on a national basis. We truly value our partnership.”

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