Living La Vida Digital.

By Insight Tr3s

Hispanic Millennials, who are a highly mobile and digitally connected generation, are the prime movers of smartphones and tablets. This group helps drive the dominance of social and networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Latinos, known for their sociability, have firmly established their presence in the online world.

New platforms targeting Latino usage are quickly gaining momentum in the market with organizations like Latinos In Tech Innovation and Social Media (LATISM) pioneering a better future for Latinos via the power of social media. Hispanics Millennials on Twitter use the “#latism” hashtag to watch conversations about anything and everything Latino.

The goal of such digitally-inspired organizations is to advance the social, civic and economic status of the Latino community, and through various popular hashtags they’re able to increase Latino visibility on social networks. Using these hashtags such as “#latism” is an effective way for marketers, advertisers, journalists and consumers alike to keep current on news and topics relevant to U.S. Hispanics.

Last year, LATISM surveyed more than 12,000 bloggers as part of a study that unveils insights into what motivates Latino/a bloggers and the issues that trigger most. These findings give brands, marketers and industry leaders alike a deeper connection to the behaviors and habits of one of the most powerful groups online.

2011 Survey Key Findings about Social Media:

o 61% use social media for personal purposes, followed by Business, Self Promotion and for doing Social Good.
o The top three blogging topics are Latino Issues (45%), followed by Social Good and Education.
o Reasons for blogging vary by individual, but a common thread is their deep connection to their community and their faith in the power of blogging as a tool for change.
o The majority (48%) prefer to shop online.
o Price is the biggest driver at the time of purchase.
o The overwhelming majority described Education as the top priority Latino issue, followed by Health and Jobs.

The marriage of social media and the growing number of Latinos online, whether via mobile/smartphone or tablet, is becoming an important part of the messaging channel for marketers. Connectivity combined with sociability and community awareness is a hallmark of today’s Hispanic Millennial generation. Expect this trend to continue into the New Year and beyond.

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