A lo Macho in a PR Shop.

    I called a Hispanic Public Relations shop in San Diego today to congratulate the owner of the agency on a post she co-wrote in a leading national publication.  I was looking forward to having a positive conversation and possibly offer her our platforms for future topics she might want to offer the readers of HispanicAd.com’s El Blog.

A man gets on the phone stating that he is her husband & office manager.  He advises me that she would be working from home the rest of the day.  I introduced myself and advised him where I was calling from.

No problem up to here.

I advised him that I would like to leave her a message for her to call me later, thinking maybe she felt sick and went home.  My need for conversation was not that important to get to her immediately, especially if she was not feeling well.

The fury explodes from this guy!

“No, you can talk to me”, he barked into the phone aggressively and defensively.

And this is a PR shop trying to make a mark on the national level?

Softly and understanding that this guy must be having a bad day I stated that I would like to leave her a message, again.

He proceeded to advise me that he would tell me one more time only that I could deal with him or he would hang up the phone.  So I stated, that I would not talk to him especially in his mood.  He hung up the phone.

What an impression! A this is an agency that specialized in PR and creating a dialogue.

The lesson here is that as a business owner you must be aware who’s calling and who is answering the phones for your business.

Train your people, your family and in this case particularly your husband, the experience might end up on an Industry blog.

Have any of you had an experience as bizarre as this one?

Gene Bryan – CEO / HispanicAd.com

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