Lopez Negrete Communications awarded 9th ‘Best of Show’ ADDY Awards Show in Houston.

Lopez Negrete Communications, Inc. celebrated yet another tour de force at the American Advertising Federation’s 51st Annual ADDY Awards, earning Best of Show honors for a ninth consecutive year. In addition, Lopez Negrete collected five Gold and seven Silver ADDY Awards, along with 13 Citations of Excellence. The winning creative from this year’s ADDYs will advance to compete at the American Advertising Federation 10th District level.

It was for the television spot “Orchestra,” created for long-time client Verizon Telecom, that Lopez Negrete collected this year’s Best of Show for Broadcast award, the highest honor awarded at the ADDYs. The outside-the-box creative that drives this commercial transports the viewer into a virtual space made possible only by the powerful streaming of FiOS, Verizon Telecom’s cutting-edge fiber-optic network. The spot depicts an array of musicians coming together to perform a symphony as never before. We see them going to a rehearsal, and the interaction between the musicians and the conductor. The spot builds upon itself, just as a symphony orchestra builds toward a performance as they tune their instruments. Then, through a series of close-ups, we see the orchestra begin to play together, as the conductor orchestrates the performance. The highlight of the commercial is reached when it is finally revealed that the conductor and the musicians are located in various, far-flung locations, and are united by virtue of the powerful streaming capabilities of Verizon FiOS into a seamless symphonic performance. Luis Gonzalez served as executive creative director of the award-winning spot.

“Today’s technology goes far beyond what the eye can see, but the eyes and ears are often the ultimate judges,” said Fernando Osuna, chief creative officer of Lopez Negrete Communications. “By effectively conveying that message of technological brilliance and clarity and the one-of-a-kind benefits that it brings to the customer, we have built a powerful brand message for our client. Our Verizon creative team has really delivered. They’ve been extremely successful in delivering Verizon’s message to its customers while also providing concrete, concise, distinguished work that includes a reality consumers can relate to.”

The Lopez Negrete team took home 26 awards from this year’s ceremonies. In addition to Verizon’s Best of Show for Broadcast, the Lopez Negrete team garnered the following honors:

o For Verizon Telecom, a Gold ADDY and a Silver ADDY for “Orchestra,” a Silver ADDY for “Rich Media Baseball,” and four Citations of Excellence
o For Sonic Corp., a Gold ADDY, and three Silver ADDYs, plus two Citations of Excellence
o For MillerCoors, two Gold ADDYs, one Silver ADDY, and two Citations of Excellence
o For Walmart, one Gold ADDY, one Silver ADDY, and four Citations of Excellence for broadcast work
o Lopez Negrete also received a Citation of Excellence in the digital advertising category

“Each year, our business and our industry present unique challenges, as well as tremendous opportunities for us to excel. Earning a ninth consecutive Best of Show award is an incredible honor. We feel it demonstrates our deep commitment to our clients, our markets and the creative craft. Having judges from across the country hold up our creative as Best of Show means the world to us. And make no mistake, this year’s award is just as significant and exciting for us as the first one was,” stated Alex López Negrete, president/CEO of the agency. “We have an extraordinary group of creative and marketing professionals whose drive and determination are a vital part of our success. This year’s awards proved it yet again,” he added.

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