Lopez Negrete Communications named Best Hispanic Agency Using Social Media.

Lopez Negrete Communications has been named Best Hispanic Agency Using Social Media to Reach Latinos by LATISM.

“The digital emergence of 13.5 million Latinos on Facebook* and 8.1 million on Twitter,** along with the emergence of an enormous community of Latino bloggers has revolutionized the marketing landscape forever. Our clients’ brands are competing for the moment and competing for relevance in a time when attention is a precious commodity. Hence, we have made it a strategic imperative to be an innovator in this space and to have the best people in the industry, setting models and standards in the use of social media targeting Latinos,” stated President, CEO and Chief Creative Officer Alex Lopez Negrete.

Lopez Negrete’s award-winning, full-service digital unit leads the strategic and operational social media efforts for diverse major clients. The agency’s most recent accomplishments include social media platforms for Verizon (Somos Verizon FiOS on Facebook and @SomosFiOS on Twitter), in addition to interactive websites for Verizon (www.EnciendeteFiOS.com http://www.EnciendeteFiOS.com ), Sonic Drive-Ins http://espanol.sonicdrivein.com, and Pernod Ricard’s Chivas Regal (www.nochesdebrotherhood.com http://www.nochesdebrotherhood.com ). Lopez Negrete also maintains a robust and interactive online agency presence with friends and fans on Facebook (Lopez Negrete) and Twitter (@Lopeznegrete).

“We are honored and humbled to receive this award. This recognition is a timely distinction for our firm, and it is yet another testament of Lopez Negrete’s swift and bold evolution into a ‘connected agency,'” says Leonardo Basterra, executive director of Digital at Lopez Negrete. He added: “This award is unique because it comes from the community of Hispanic content creators and curators – bloggeros, twitteros and facebookeros – who follow our work and who bring to life the social media space for Latinos.”

* http://socialmediaspanish.com/blog/how-many-hispanics-on-facebook-latinos-on-facebook-page/>
** http://socialmediaspanish.com/blog/how-many-us-hispanics-on-twitter/>

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