Luminar launches to help marketer reach Latino Consumers.

Luminar, a “big data” analytics and modeling provider focused specifically on connecting marketers with U.S. Latino consumers, announced its launch. Luminar helps clients identify predictable models of consumers’ behavior to allow companies to reach, upsell and retain Latino consumers more effectively.

“Many marketers looking to connect with the Latino consumer have relied on demographic information and broad cultural themes when developing their marketing strategies, leading to generalized campaigns. The analysis of ‘big data’, however, offers a much deeper understanding of consumer behaviors, giving marketers the power to truly connect with U.S. Latinos in a relevant way,” said Franklin Rios, President of Luminar. “We’re proud to be the first company to apply ‘big data’ analysis to Latino consumers and we look forward to providing clients with actionable insights that will positively impact their return on investment.”

Luminar, a unit of Entravision Communications Corporation, offers three core solutions to clients in a variety of industries, including retail, consumer packaged goods, political, telecommunications, media, automotive and financial. With a seasoned team of data scientists and vast experience in analytics, technology, marketing and interactive media, Luminar leverages proprietary analytics and modeling technology that unlocks “big data” to provide business intelligence, robust data analytics and real-time insights that can lead to greater return on investment on Latino marketing strategies.

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