Machado joins C-Com Group and a new growth strategy emerges

Luis Gonzalez founder of Miami based C-Com Group, Inc. and Manuel Machado founder of Miami based MGSCOMM have joined forces and will Co-Chair the new growth strategy for the C-Com Group.

C-Com Group will be announcing shortly the expansion of advertising capabilities, employees and clients in 2016 from the opportunities left in the MIami market due to the demise of Commonground/MGS.

Local support for the venture has been received very well by clients and employees alike and demonstrates the ability of our Industry to find new opportunities in a difficult time.

Industry insiders speculate that The C-Com Group will be able to attract many of the Top Tier clients that were under the MGSCOMM and Commonground/MGS fold based on the relationships Mr. Gonzalez and Mr. Machado enjoy in the market and the skill sets of many of the ex-employees of Comonground/MGS.

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