Macy’s West & Announce ‘Internet Start Up’ Sweepstakes Winner.

Univision Online, Inc. announced that Ms. Reyna Lazo, 43, of North Hollywood, CA, has won the Macy’s West and “Internet Start Up” Sweepstakes. The winning “Internet Start Up” sweepstakes application was selected from the Macy’s West in Sherman Oaks, CA and was conducted by Univision Online, Inc., a Delaware corporation.

“We are delighted to award Ms. Lazo the winning prize of a Gateway Computer and a free one-year subscription to’s ISP service, worth $1,079,” said Charles Glenn, Senior Vice President of Communications. “Through our partnership with Macy’s West and Gateway, we have been given the opportunity to raise awareness of and provide our lucky winner with access to the leading provider of entertainment, sports and news on the Internet. is committed to providing an unparalleled online forum that entertains, educates and empowers all Latinos to come together as a community.”

Reyna Lazo, originally from El Salvador, has lived in the U.S. for 21 years. She is currently working as a personal assistant for a family in Beverly Hills. Ms. Lazo obtained a Bachelor Degree in Commerce and Administration in El Salvador and has studied English as a Second Language. She plans to use her new computer to improve her computer skills and ultimately obtain a college degree in computer science. Ms. Lazo has a 19-year-old son Luis.

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