Mainstream Buyers have lost their 5 senses.

  The five senses of sight (seeing), hearing (listening), smelling, feeling (touch), and tasting are very important to any human being since they are our tools for understudying the world around us.

Interesting enough, most mainstream planners and buyers have yet to fully understand these five senses or have decided to not recognize the information their five senses are registering regarding the demographic shift in America.

Sight: you can she more Hispanics in the USA in small, medium and large markets.

Hearing:  the same goes for hearing more Spanish spoken in this country.

Smelling:  Smell the Latin foods, its in every neighborhood

Feeling:  Our markets feel much more multicultural.

Tasting:  What, you eat steak and mashed potatoes only?  Please.

In a report by Cynopsis Media regarding the importance of the US Hispanic Market and the TV Networks, Christine Fuller, MEC Managing Partner and Director of Implementation stated: “Hispanic consumers’ spending also increased at a greater rate than non-Hispanics,” said Christine Fuller, MEC Managing Partner and Director of Implementation. “This increased purchasing power has not been fully exploited. With that said, the overall market for 2011-12 should see moderate revenue growth. It is not clear how many marketers are making radical shifts between English language and Spanish language. We are not predicting a radical change to the Spanish-language upfront market this year.”

Giving way to the notion “But networks shouldn’t expect a dramatic shift in dollars from other media, some buyers cautioned”.

It makes me wonder about the ability of key executives involved in deciding where media money is to be spent to better serve their clients by understanding and educating their agencies and clients about the opportunities ahead.

Or I wonder about their own perceptions and biases.

Paradigms that destroy current paradigms are fought with great vigor, since they destroy current investment.

50 Million plus on our way to representing 50% of the US population …. shortly.

Your job is to make it happen.

Wake up and smell the cafe, burritos, tacos, arepas, ropa vieja, tamales, elotes, carapulca, etc., etc., etc.

Gene Bryan

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