Make sure your day does not Suck.

     Perhaps a bit strong to use the S word, but it seems to be in everyone’s vocabulary these days. Just ask anyone in most areas of our business. If you are on the media sales side and you work the local or network beat, business sucks. If you are on the spot side, business really sucks. If you are on the agency side of the business, you are having to do much more with less headcount; of course late hours were already part of your life, now they are the norm, and of course that sucks. If you are on the client side of the business and you work at or on an automotive acct, well, that’s almost as bad as being in spot sales, and we all know that really sucks.

All kidding aside, times are tough for most sectors of our economy, (exceptions being DC Lobbyist and Bankruptcy Lawyers) and the end to these tough times is not yet in sight. Who could have predicted these times, I mean not even the financial experts who monitor the experts, saw this coming. The headlines come at you every day and from all directions; layoffs, budget cuts, bail outs and a little swine flu to keep things interesting.

But the same way that all good things must come to an end, so to, do bad things have to come to an end. It will not be overnight, we all know that. This will be a process that will take time, and for those who can survive, they will be stronger on the other end. To use Mother Nature for an example, this is no different than those natural fires that take place from time to time which get rid of all the dead underbrush that is suffocating any new growth. A re-set button of sorts. When you think about it in that context, it really makes for very exciting thinking.

Very few times in life are you afforded the opportunity of a re-set button. Sure it is painful and makes for much sacrifice, but think of the possibilities that it lays at your doorstep. For some, a layoff or termination can mean the beginning of a whole new career. For business owners and managers this may be the moment to re-define your direction.

Bottom line is that these days are tough, but it does not mean you have permission to give up. The individuals that stay focused and positive still get above average results, even under these conditions. The companies that manage their employee’s personal challenges as aggressively as they manage their bottom lines, will be the new leaders in their sectors. So go out there every day with a commitment to grow strong, to stay focused and most importantly, to make sure your day does not suck. Unless you are in the newspaper business that is. Just Kidding.

By Jose Cancela
Jose Cancela is Principal of Hispanic USA Inc, a full service Hispanic Market Communications firm. He has also the author of “The Power of Business en Español, Seven Fundamental Keys to Unlocking the Potential of the Spanish Language Hispanic Market”   Rayo / HarperCollins.

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