October 16, 2013

The Brand Activation Association (BAA) and Booz & Company have unveiled the results of a comprehensive research study that goes well beyond shopper marketing to explore how today’s consumers have dramatically changed the way they interact with brands.
Entitled Reimagining Shopper Marketing: Building Brands through Omnichannel Experiences, the study is based on in-depth research with dozens of the world’s leading brands and explains how there has been a rapid shift from a traditional linear marketing model to a new omni-channel marketing model that has resulted in a number of CMOs reevaluating how they spend their promotional dollars.
“Today’s consumers are in a state of flux as the resources they use to learn about, engage with and build a connection to brands are increasingly fragmented,” said Matthew Egol, Booz & Co. Partner. “The sources they can tap into now span products viewed in the store aisles, online product reviews, mobile price comparison apps, brands’ websites, and friends’ social media feeds, among others.”
Egol also pointed out that the new omni-channel marketing model offers marketers and retailers a holistic approach in reaching consumers with a more integrated message through any channel and at any point in their path to purchase and beyond. By integrating strategies, insights, content development, and technology across internal and external teams, marketers can evolve the focus of shopper marketing beyond its historical center of gravity.
The study also highlights key insights into how marketers and brand manufacturers can reach shoppers effectively across all touch points by leveraging “sophisticated insights, content marketing, integrated data and analytics, agile development, and an integrated partner ecosystem.”
Presented in two-parts, the study was conducted with marketing executives of major-brand consumer goods manufacturers and retailers throughout the U.S., combining roundtables, surveys and individual discussions. The respondents of the survey included individuals from top-tier companies across several industries including food, beverage, cosmetics, personal care, home improvement, apparel, toys and video games.
“As omni-channel marketing is a key component in brand activation, we were delighted to collaborate with Booz & Co. on this important landmark study”, said Bonnie Carlson, President and CEO of BAA. “Several of our members played a key role in the research, and I’m sure any marketer will find it to be very valuable.”
Some of the key findings of the study include responses to the question about how marketers plan to change their MarCom mix over the next two years:

    •    100% of consumer brand manufacturers plan to increase their mobile marketing spend with 44% predicting increases of over 10%
    •    96% will increase social media spend with 67% increasing it over 5%
    •    96% will increase their shopper marketing budgets with 45% going over 5%
    •    68% rate investing in branded content and shopper experiences to engage shoppers before they go to the store as high priorities over the past two years
    •    64% rate investing in the same areas as above to drive repeat usage and loyalty after consumers buy as high priority over the last two years

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