Mazola and Celebrity Chef LaLa Team Up on Sobrecitos Bouillon Packets.

Chef LaLa has partnered with the Mazola brand team to highlight how Mazola Sobrecitos bouillon packets help make preparations for traditional Hispanic dishes quick and easy.  

“There is always a lot to juggle in the kitchen so I appreciate smart solutions like Mazola® Sobrecitos™ bouillon packets that save time without compromising on flavor,” said Chef LaLa. “The pre-measured stick packs of granular bouillon are an improvement on cubes, which are hard to dissolve, and quicker than measuring out spoonfuls from a jar. Whether a working mom or a professional chef (or both like me), it makes a difference.”

“Bouillon is a pantry staple in Hispanic households,” said Clare Reynolds, Mazola Brand Manager of Innovation and New Products. “We focused on better dissolvability knowing this improvement would impact so many favorite recipes and give busy Latinas what they want most: more time to focus on family.”

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