MEC Bravo launches Tool to Measure the Influence of Media on Hispanic Consumer Purchasing behavior.

MEC Bravo, MEC’s Hispanic media company, is launching Precision, a tool that enables marketers to assess media influence on the purchase pathway of Hispanic consumers and optimize their campaigns for success.

Precision combines Kantar Media Audience’s Return Path Data (RPD) services, which provide second-by-second analysis of TV viewing behavior, with consumer shopping data from Kantar Shopcom. Together, these capabilities allow MEC Bravo to create accurate effectiveness and engagement models determining the impact Hispanic advertising has on CPG sales.

The tool assesses the influence that exposure to a branded media message has on Hispanic viewers – as determined by viewing habits – through a variety of metrics, including penetration, dollar buying rate, purchase frequency, dollars spent per trip and units per trip. For example, an initial study found that Hispanics exposed to a specific media campaign spent 18% more on the product compared to non-Hispanics exposed to the same campaign.

Gonzalo del Fa, Managing Director of MEC Bravo commented, “This is a revolutionary tool for the Hispanic market. It’s been a challenge for all of us in the industry to accurately identify Hispanic consumers and understand their purchase activity. With this new tool, that won’t be a problem anymore. By offering valuable and comprehensive insights on the role that media plays in the purchase pathway, this tool will allow us to target Hispanic audiences in a more impactful and addressable way. And this will be invaluable to our clients.”

“Kantar Media’s Return Path Data service offers incredibly rich insights into television viewing behavior by hundreds of thousands of households,” states Bud Breheney, Chief Commercial Officer at Kantar Media Audiences North America. “The combination of our RPD data with MEC Bravo’s Hispanic expertise and Kantar Shopcom’s shopping behavior analysis provides marketers with unprecedented levels of information on their campaigns.”

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