MEDALLA Light Beer brings sounds of the Coqui to the USA

Medalla Light announced the launch of its “The Sound of Home” campaign in select markets in the northwestern United States. For the campaign, Medalla Light captured the unique song of the coqui, a tiny and emblematic amphibian, native to the Caribbean island. Through the use of an electronic device, the sound of their song will be reproduced in the floats of the establishments where the award-winning beer is distributed, offering its consumers a nostalgic memory of the Island of the Enchantment.

The first phase of this campaign began in 2020 in Florida, the first state where the Puerto Rican beer was exported. Thanks to the wide acceptance among consumers, the company decided to amplify its growth efforts into Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia and New York, where the iconic beer is already distributed.

“We are very excited to continue bringing the flavor of Medalla Light to more Puerto Ricans residing in the U.S. We not only wanted to launch the products to new markets, but we decided to do it in a way that reminds them that wherever they hear the sound of the coqui, there will also be Medalla Light,” stated Jorge Bracero, chief marketing officer of Cervecera de Puerto Rico, the company that produces Medalla Light beer.

As part of the effort, a video was recorded at an establishment in Reading, Pennsylvania. The video managed to capture the reactions of Puerto Rican customers and the feeling and nostalgia that was produced when listening to the song of the coqui, which lulls the night on the Isla del Encanto.

Medalla Light began its export to the U.S. in Florida in 2018. In 2019, it expanded its distribution to Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., states with a large concentration of Puerto Ricans. In late 2020, it reached Manhattan, Kings, Queens, the Bronx, Richmond, Nassau, and Suffolk counties in New York. Growth plans in the U.S. Hispanic market will continue in 2021 to continue uniting Puerto Ricans with their favorite beer.

DDB Latina Puerto Rico’s creative team was in charge of developing the concept and reconnecting  Medalla Light with Puerto Ricans residing outside the island.


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