Medalla Light in Florida.

Medalla Light, Puerto Rico’s top-selling light beer, is now available in bars and retail locations across Florida for the first time. Cervecera de Puerto Rico finalized distribution arrangements with Launch Beverage Companies.

“This is an exciting time to bring our product to Florida,” said Cervecera President and CEO Camalia Valdés. “Not only is there a growing demand for Hispanic flavors across the country, but life in Florida embodies the spirit of celebration and relaxation that has become associated with Medalla Light.”

To ensure the success of the launch, Cervecera de Puerto Rico has committed more than $100 million to the infrastructure, packaging, design, promotion and launch of the nation’s flagship brand. The Company plans to invest an additional $3 million during the first 12 months of the exportation phase, with the goal of selling 175,000 cases through a variety of retailers including local restaurants, bars, liquor stores, and popular chains such as Publix Super Markets, Inc., Walmart, ABC Liquors, Walgreens, Sedano’s Supermarkets, and Sam’s Club.

Cervecera de Puerto Rico has contracted with The Bravo Group to handle advertising responsibilities.

To help promote the brand, the Company also recently launched, a page specifically designed to accompany the expansion. The page allows users to post photos from various locations where they have found and enjoyed Medalla Light. It also features a “trophy shelf” for Medalla Light’s award wins and a store locator, which is set to go live June 22.

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