Mexican perfection on the silver screen

I have not seen this film but I’m starting to get a good vibe about “The Perfect Game.”  But I will definitely go see it this weekend.

Certainly these are not easy times for Mexicans in Mexico and in the US, and Mexico’s image is certainly not in the best light right now.  So this film about a group of young Mexican kids succeeding at the 1957 Little League World Series in the U.S. will surely be a welcome respite.  The film, which tells the story of the triumphant Little League team from Monterrey, Mexico has already brought some smiles to Monterrey, a city that hasn’t been spared from the ongoing drug violence.

For American audiences of all ethnic stripes, especially at the start of the new baseball season, this film will remind folks about what the game is really about.

And unlike other film projects that have tried a cross-border effort, “The Perfect Game” excels.  The film brings together such American Latino stars like Clifton Collins and Cheech Marin with such well-known Mexican actors like Paty Manterola.

Famed film critic from the Chicago Sun-Times Roger Ebert gave the film a very warm review.

This film was originally scheduled for release two years ago but then it ran into proverbial “funding issues.”  So today’s release is a result of several labors of love.  It is being released in 15 very Latino cities so if you happen to live in LA, NY, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, Phoenix, or Tucson, among others, go out and see beautiful Mexican and American history.

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