MiCasita National Direct Mail Program.

Spanglish Media, a division of Spanglish Communications, has just announced the launch of MiCasita, the National Direct Mail Program for Hispanic New Movers and Homeowners. It is the first and only monthly, national shared mail program to effectively target this consumer. The program will be reaching Hispanic households in every major Hispanic Market in the US. America Online, Gerber Life Insurance and Columbia House are just a few of the advertisers who have signed up with MiCasita to reach the Hispanic consumer.

“The new mover and homeowner is generally considered a ‘hot’ target for direct mail, since they tend to spend more than the average consumer. MiCasita will reach 250,000 Hispanic new mover and new homeowner households each month”, says Geoff Fiala, Managing Director of Spanglish Communications. “Many advertisers have begun to see the benefit of reaching the Hispanic household, which, in the past has been under-served by direct marketers. This new mover program adds a new level of targeting that, before MiCasita, was only possible through solo mail efforts.”

Barbara Ruano, President/Founder of the group states: “What makes MiCasita even more unique is that, instead of solely relying on Hispanic surnames in identifying the consumer’s ethnicity, we also rely on Census-verified Hispanic demographics and a variety of self reported data sources. In addition, MiCasita will effectively reach the Hispanic “crossover” household ­ the second and third generation bilingual or English-dominant Hispanic ­ a consumer segment that has traditionally been difficult to target.”

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