Mis Finanzas con Julie Stav on Utilisima.

Utilisima presented Julie Stav as the host of its newest series, “Mis Finanzas con Julie Stav.” Julie Stav will premiere her show on Utilisima on October 15 and exclusively offer financial advice and empower Latinos wishing to realize their Great American Dream—to obtain financial independence and security. This new production with Julie Stav is part of Utilisima’s dedicated commitment to providing only the best in lifestyle and educational programming.

“I’m very excited to join Utilisima’s family and host the network’s first show that deals with personal finance,” said Julie Stav. “I’m grateful to Utilisima for providing me with a forum to continue to inspire Latinos with the informative tools they need to make smart financial decisions.”

“‘Mis Finanzas con Julie Stav’ marks a new chapter in Utilisima’s history,” said Mariana Perez, Senior Vice President of Production and Programming of Utilísima and General Manager of FOX Toma 1. “We are very happy to have one of the most recognizable Hispanic personalities from the United States become part of our international programming.”

Over the 13 half-hour episodes, “Mis Finanzas con Julie Stav” will empower Latinos to take charge of their financial future. Throughout the season, Julie Stav will impart her knowledge on personal banking, credit, income taxes, retirement planning, the stock market and purchasing insurance products among other topics—all with her unique, approachable and down-to-earth style. She will also teach families how to manage household expenses that includes everything from food and transportation to education.

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