MLC partners with Viva Auto Team for NASCAR.

Media Latino Communications (MLC) announced that the Company is teaming up with Viva Auto Team, for NASCAR! MLC is proud of these exciting developments and as one of the country’s top Spanish Language Media Network and Program Syndicate providers, MLC is proud that its blockbuster personalities Alex “El Genio” Lucas and “La Bronca” will be featured on the actual NASCAR!

Jesse Rios, General Manager of MLC stated, “Latinos are passionate sporting fans, and MLC is pleased to partner up with Viva Auto Team for NASCAR. Two of our top personalities, Alex “El Genio” Lucas and La Bronca will help brand this important race in the Hispanic community. Hispanics are drawn to sports and competitive racing, so this is a perfect fit for our audiences, because it reflects their lifestyles. They will be thrilled when they see their favorite on-air personalities, featured on the NASCAR! We are already ratings winners, now we are looking at the very real possibility of becoming NASCAR Racing champions as well! We are thrilled and delighted to be affiliated with Viva Motorsports and NASCAR, and look forward to continuing our strong tradition of winning!”

Viva Motorsports Team Manager/Driver, Jamie Dick commented, “The time is right for a multi-cultural NASCAR team and NASCAR fan base to grow systematically. We want to be competitive and encourage more talent to enter the sport at all levels. Viva Motorsports will introduce a new paint scheme and promote its passion for NASCAR to new fans everywhere. With MLC as our partner we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be the first NASCAR connection to millions of new fans across the country.”

Alex “El Genio” Lucas said, “It’s time to introduce a new generation of Hispanic fans to NASCAR, and I am very excited to be involved in this exciting race. My fans have already told me that the response on the streets has been electrifying, and there will be millions of people watching and listening to this race. Everyone is eagerly anticipating the outcome of this important race!”

La Bronca added, “I’ve always loved NASCAR, and the roar of the engines as the cars pass is so thrilling. It shakes me down to my very core, and resonates deeply within my Hispanic culture. We are a very passion people, and this is a perfect fit for Hispanic car enthusiasts. Viva Motorsports is preparing a full stable of #55 Chevrolet Cameros and Impalas, to make a run at the championship, but the car I want everyone to be cheering for is the one with my picture on it!”

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