Mobile Messaging in North America: A Fresh Look at current Options for Marketers. [REPORT]

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) announced the publication of “Mobile Messaging in North America: A Fresh Look at Current Options for Marketers”. The latest whitepaper from the MMA explores the unique features of several forms of mobile messaging and shares successful examples of how marketers can leverage them to meet marketing goals. The paper also provides a window into the future evolution of mobile messaging.

“Mobile messaging, given its reach and immediacy, is a mainstay within the marketing mix” says Michael Becker, North American Managing Director of the MMA. “This paper provides a clear picture on how the concept of messaging has expanded over the last few years and now incorporates a wide variety of new ways to share value. We appreciate the leadership provided by our members in helping guide and direct the industry.”

Through “Mobile Messaging in North America”, readers learn how to use the variety of mobile messaging forms to increase brand awareness & consideration; achieve engagement and transactions; empower customers to become advocates; and to create and maintain customer loyalty. The whitepaper also takes marketers through an outline of how to be successful using mobile messaging, identifying the different types of messaging options available – from SMS and MMS to push notifications, long codes, free-to-end-user (FTEU) messaging and abbreviated dial codes (ADC) – and sharing case studies and current practices.

“Mobile Messaging in North America: A Fresh Look at Current Options for Marketers” was written by a working group of MMA member organizations which include 3Cinteractive, ExactTarget, Mogreet, Neustar, Signal, SoundBite Communications, Twillio, Urban Airship, Inc., Vibes, Waterfall Mobile, and Zoove. You can download the whitepaper by filling out this form:

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