Mobile Shoppers & Shopper Behavior. [REPORT]

Mobile shopping has emerged as a strong cultural force worldwide and continues to have a profound impact on shopping due to shifting behaviors and attitudes. A new report by Draftfcb called “The Mobile Shopper: A 2013 Draftfcb Global Shopper Snapshot” confirms mobile’s march to dominance as a medium of choice for consumers. Based on interviews with 7,500+ consumers ages 18-64 in eight Draftfcb global benchmark markets, including the U.S., U.K., Germany, Brazil, South Africa, Middle East (U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia), India and China, mobile is redefining the shopper experience across the globe.

As one of the most highly adopted technologies ever, mobile plays an important role in the evolution of shopping behavior. Shoppers worldwide are attached to their mobile devices for both emotional and functional reasons, with 72 percent of mobile shoppers indicating they “can’t live without” their mobile device. As such, it is a shopping companion, an indispensable resource and gateway to brands, ideas and retail.

Mobile shopping prevalence is also strong in both established markets like the U.S., Germany and U.K. as well as emerging markets like India, South Africa and China, where mobile technology has leap-frogged over more traditional internet service such as home-based online connectivity.

Mobile shopping has also impacted much of retail and brand marketing. By looking through the lens of human behavior rather than focusing primarily on technology, Draftfcb’s global report shows the “Now” of mobile shopping. It is yet another strong nudge to marketers that the classic path to purchase has evolved dramatically and will continue to do so. From empowering a more male-centric vision of shopping as opposed to the female-centric traditional view of shopping, to other fundamental changes, this research offers marketers an additional glimpse of the future of shopping.

“Mobile tends to turn everyone into shoppers,” said Janet Rose, PhD, SVP director of retail strategic planning at Draftfcb. “At the same time, it transforms shopping into a richer experience.”

“This has huge implications for both brands and retailers,” said Debra Coughlin, global chief marketing officer of Draftfcb, who commissioned the study. “The biggest challenge for marketers is to provide these ever more empowered consumers with the type of experiences that matter. Those who can do this effectively will win.”

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