Mobile Video Lexicon to simplify Communication & Transaction.

As mobile video consumption continues to surge and prove its effectiveness as a marketing vehicle, there is a demand for a clear, actionable framework that unifies the ecosystem. The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)released a lexicon of definitions and milestones for mobile video advertising. The Lexicon Task Force, a subgroup formed from the MMA Mobile Video Committee, created the recommended lexical framework to progress mobile video as a viable marketing platform for marketers, advertisers and publishers.

In an effort to reduce industry friction, the “MMA Mobile Video Lexical Framework” provides a foundation to develop a common language and framework to categorize mobile video ad units for simplified communication and transaction. The framework is meant to properly classify mobile video within the context of other ad unit types, distinguishing mobile video from mobile rich media, among other platforms.

“The industry is clamoring for direction and uniformity when it comes to burgeoning platforms such as mobile video, which why a lexical framework is vital to its continued growth,” said Michael Becker, Managing Director, MMA. “The lexicon serves as a launching pad for mobile video advertising so that the platform can continue to evolve without industry friction weighing down progress. Mobile converts every object into medium and every place into an opportunity—and mobile video is one of the strongest and dynamic tools for marketers to connect with consumers while they are captivated by their mobile device.”

As defined by the MMA Mobile Video Committee, a mobile video ad is, “An ad whereby the primary unit consists of delivery of a video advertisement to mobile devices. Different from Display, the ad unit delivers video to create consumer demand and engagement, and, the video ad delivery is the primary value proposition for the advertiser. During or after the video, it may have rich media features as an overlay. Mobile video units are most commonly sold on CPM or CPCV/CPV basis.”

Under the guidance of Nikao Yang, Head of the MMA Lexicon Task Force and SVP at AdColony, the following mobile video ad units were outlined with clearly defined terminology:

Pre/Mid/Post-Roll Linear Video Ad Unit
Interstitial Video Ad Unit
Value Exchange Video Ad Unit

“Even in its infancy, mobile video offers such a valuable investment for marketers. The committee realized that the only way to progress mobile video was to establish a vernacular to classify ad units. The lexicon is just a first step in defining the key components of mobile video advertising so that communication and investment is streamlined and simplified,” said Anne Schelle, CEO of Acta Wireless and Executive Director of the Open Mobile Video Coalition, “Mobile video is at a tipping point and now is the time for advertisers to make a strong commitment to follow their customers as they migrate from PC to mobile.” Schelle co-chairs the MMA Mobile Video Committee with Will Kassoy, CEO of AdColony.

The framework was developed by the Lexicon Task Force, which includes the following MMA member organizations: AdColony, AdMarvel, Millennial Media, Nexage, Unicorn and Videology.

The “MMA Mobile Video Lexical Framework” will undergo regular updates to stay abreast on the platform’s evolution. It is available for review by visiting>.

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