MPA Study To Evaluate Magazine Single Copy Supply Chain.

The Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) has commissioned Charles River Associates to undertake an evaluation of the structural changes that can restore financial stability to the entire single copy supply chain. At the MPA’s 5th Annual Retail Conference and Expo, MPA President and CEO, Nina Link, challenged the trading partners within the retail and publishing communities to move forward, together, to address the critical issues facing single copy sales.

This feasibility study has garnered the support of all the major industry players. Charles River Associates was chosen to implement the study for their experience in similar and relevant industries and because of their anti-trust expertise. Initiated soon after the conference, the study is currently in the field and scheduled to be completed within three months.

Noting that the financial stability of the supply chain is clearly of paramount concern, Link stated, “This will be a very important study for our industry, and I am delighted that all parties within the supply chain – publishers, wholesalers, national distributors and printers – are supporting this study with time and resources.”

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