mun2 premiers ALERTA ZERO.

mun2 premieres its highly-anticipated music-celeb reality series ALERTA ZERO this Saturday May 11 at 3pm ET/ 2C. The docu-reality follows the former lead singer of the chart-topping, high profile Regional Mexican music group Alacranes Musical, Memo Ibarra as he forms his new Chicago-based group, Alerta Zero. The one-hour, 10-episode series follows the young eight-member band as they strive to once again take over the music charts. Episode one of ALERTA ZERO will be available on the following day after its premiere.

In episode one, viewers are invited into the life of multi-award winning Latin artist Memo Ibarra who was at the peak of his career with Alacranes Musical, and now faces his most difficult challenge: starting from scratch with his new group, Alerta Zero. Although he has faith in the band, he is aware that the road to success will be tough, and drastic measures are needed in order to keep the band focused. A ten-week tour is announced during rehearsal, but not all members react as expected.

Filled with challenges, nonstop laughs, boy brawls, as well as the glitz and the not-so-glam, the young fab-eight are ready to invade the music charts once again. Will they succeed?  

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