mun2 premiers ‘Ojo Por Ojo’.

mun2 presents the exclusive U.S. television premiere of the critically-acclaimed Latin American telenovela, “Ojo Por Ojo” (Eye for an Eye) on Monday May 21st at 11pm ET/PT (10pm C). The 98-episode novela, presented with English subtitles and featuring top Latin actors Gaby Espino, Miguel Varoni, Gregorio Pernia and Carmen Villalobos, offers a sexy, urban take on a modern Romeo and Juliet-themed story. New episodes will air Monday-Thursday at 11pm ET immediately following the English-subtitled broadcast of “La Reina del Sur” (The Queen of the South), the #1 most watched program in Hispanic cable at 10pm.

“Ojo Por Ojo” tells the story of two rival families, the Barragáns and the Monsalves, who condemn each other to an uncontrollable cycle of death. The family feuding begins when two cousins make a bet to win over the love of a woman, resulting in Nando Barragán killing his own cousin Adriano Monsalve. This tragic event marks the beginning of a declared war between both families. The Barragáns and the Monsalves battle each other in an endless vendetta, all while fiery romances between rivals develop.

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