mun2 Upfront 2012-2013 Programming [UPDATE]

mun2 announced their new 2012-2013 programming roster.

2012 Programming announcements

This one-hour, 11-part reality show, is a spin-off of mun2’s most popular and highest-rated original reality series, “I Love Jenni,” following the life of Chiquis Rivera. Chiquis is the daughter of Jenni Rivera. In “Chiquis ‘n Control” viewers will follow Chiquis as she moves out of the Rivera home for the first time and strikes out on her own. Following in the footsteps of her mother, Chiquis will open her very own first business, a blow dry salon near her childhood home in the San Fernando Valley. We will see her build her business from start to finish – everything from the construction and décor to hiring her staff to then running a business on a day-to-day basis. Chiquis will be forced to balance her responsibilities to her family, her social/dating life, with being the boss of her first business venture. In each episode, viewers will experience both the drama inside the salon as well as in Chiquis’ home and personal life. The series is Executive Produced by Jenni Rivera in association with her Jenni Rivera Enterprises, Pete Salgado for Jenni Rivera Enterprises, Shari Scorca for mun2, and Edward Paige and Liane Su for Blank Paige Productions.

This one-hour, 10-part reality series revolves around the fast paced life of Mexican Regional superstar Larry Hernandez. Take an unprecedented, all-access look at the fast-paced life of Mexican Regional’s newest Superstar. His no-holds barred style of music took him to the top of the Billboard charts and into the hearts of music fans across the nation. Jet setting from his homes in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Mexico, this new reality series follows Larry as he tackles his demanding life on tour, while balancing his role as a father, a son and a camera ready celeb lifestyle. It’s not easy being the King of Corridos . . . it’s Larrymania! The series is being produced by Cinemat and Executive Produced by Gloria Medel Solomons for mun2.

“DUB Latino” is a half-hour, 8 part weekly magazine series created by DUB Magazine and mun2, and the series will take viewers on a weekly, stylized ride with the biggest names in Latino entertainment. Enter the high-octane world of car culture and lifestyles, featuring some of the hottest Latino figures in sports, music, film and TV. “DUB Latino” will be viewers’ go-to destination on car culture; transforming your ride and having the pros show you how to get it done, step by step. Keep up to date with your weekly guide to breaking trends and gadgets for every automotive enthusiast. The series is produced by DUB Magazine, Executive Produced by Myles Kovacs for DUB and Gloria Medel Solomons for mun2.

U.S. PREMIERE MAY 21, 2012
From Gustavo Bolivar, the romantic drama is based on Laura Restrepo’s novel, “El Leopardo al Sol.” In this Romeo and Juliet inspired story, a romance blossoms between young lovers who belong to rival and warring families. The 98-episode telenovela series features top international Television stars Gaby Espino, Miguel Varoni, Gregorio Pernia and Carmen Villalobos. This Spanish language telenovela will be broadcast exclusively on mun2 in Spanish with English subtitles.

Lifestyle Coverage from the London 2012 Summer Olympic Summer Games
Deportes Telemundo and mun2 brings us daily Summer Olympic coverage live from London, England starting July 28-August 11. These daily, half-hour shows will be hosted by mun2 host Guad Venegas from Olympic Village, and will feature highlights of the day, lifestyle snapshots and in-depth profiles on key Latino athletes.
Produced by the staff, the award-winning site will launch the following digital documentaries, special reports and series in 2012:

Naco, Pocho: cultura, clase, raza
There are 30 million Americans of Mexican descent. Together they are not only changing American culture but, also, Mexican culture. Featuring interviews with: Gloria Trevi, Gerardo Ortiz, Edward James Olmos, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, Larry Hernandez, Jenni Rivera, Edoardo Chavarin, Daniel Hernandez, Lalo Alcaraz and Gustavo Arellano among others. These relevant and influential Latinos in the U.S. and Mexico debate who is Naco, who is Pocho and what it means. Digital documentary produced by staff.

The Top 15 Best Cities for Young Latinos 2012
PREMIERES Summer 2012
On the heels of the 2011 list that had Boston as the #1 city to be young and Latino in, this year’s list will take jobs, housing, nightlife, age and other economic and social indicators to create the ultimate list of where the best cities are to be young and Latino.

Papi Chulo
PREMIERES November 2012
Why are Latino men so pretty? A fast, fresh survey of how Latino men preen and primp themselves; from fashion to hairstyles, from reggaeton to regional Mexican music, from the Northeast to the Southwest.

Officer Diaz
This scripted web series focuses on Officer Eric Diaz (comic talent Eric Ochoa of YouTube fame), a high school safety officer who dreams of becoming a detective. The trouble is, he’s not very good at his current job – and is about to be fired. But when Diaz stumbles upon the trail of a serial killer who is hunting down “Dream Act” kids, he gets his chance to prove all the haters wrong. If he can stay alive. Produced by staff.

Alerta Zero
After chart-busting success as members of the top Durangese/Regional Mexican band “Alacranes Musical,” 9 members of the band reinvent themselves and their music with a new name, new members and crazy new drama…all while living under the same roof. The ensemble reality series is being produced by Cinemat.

Fugitivos de la Ley
A skilled team of bounty hunters track down criminals in the U.S. ending in dramatic busts and emotionally thrilling moments. The Fugitivos’ team is led by Luis, a federal agent and veteran in the art of criminal apprehension, and includes male and female professional law enforcement officers both veterans and newcomers. From crimes of passion to hardened repeat offenders, there is never an easy case and there is a surprise behind every bust .Each episode starts at the teams tactical headquarters to discuss the case, go over the crime committed and plan the takedown of the fugitive at large. Stories are shown through reenactments of the electrifying cases. Produced by Lou Pizarro (star and Co-Producer of reality series Operacion Repo) for Ega Productions.

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