MundoFox goes Live.

MundoFox launched. The launch positions MundoFox as the newest player in the Hispanic media marketplace.

The MundoFox lineup includes:

El Capo 2 – the second season of one of the most successful Spanish-Language teleseries ever created, based on the story of the fictional drug lord Pedro Pablo Jaramillo, will air every weeknight at 9 (8 Central).

Los Exitosos Perez – a story where identity theft is the groundbreaking plot and where the sentimental bonds of Martin Perez are managed with a tone of comedy.

Kdabra – mystery, magic, and intrigue that gathers elements from the real and the supernatural worlds; where the enthralling mystery surrounding its main character, a 17-year-old teenager who has escaped from a dark community- triggers a series of unexpected events.

Tiempo Final – each week, the characters face a dead end or an inevitable fate that will change their lives forever — from lovers who are exhausted by their anonymity and decide to disclose their relationship to a serial murderer who is hiding under the harmless image of a plumber or a bachelor party that quickly becomes one that will not be forgotten.

Minuto para Ganar – an entertainment program adapted from the wildly successful U.S. show “Minute to Win It” whereby contestants play ten challenges, each lasting one minute..

Betty La Fea – one of the most popular Spanish-Language shows ever created, for the first time in the US in half-hour versions.

American Dad – one of the most successful animated comedies, from Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane, will air in late night.

Las Santísimas – the Latino version of “Sex and the City”, following the lives of five women from different backgrounds who, in their pursuit for happiness, encounter both internal and external obstacles.

Pobres Rico – the story of a wealthy family cut off from their riches by betrayal from within. Fate and necessity force them into an uneasy alliance with a rival family, but love blossoms in unexpected places teaching both families lessons about trust, unity and solidarity.

El Joe, La Leyenda – a seventies period drama based on the exclusive story of music legend Joe Arroyo, a young, fun-loving but happily engaged musician, who indulges in a weekend fling with an alluring young woman, who unbeknownst to him, is the daughter of a music mogul. However, an unexpected series of twists and turns will conspire to bring the lovers together again years later and reignite their forbidden affair.

Nat Geo Kids – the U.S.’ most popular kids magazine turned TV by MundoFox including great fact-filled, fast paced kids programming originally produced by National Geographic.

UFC-LIVE – action from the premier mixed martial arts organization with the most top-ranked fighters in the world. Live events will air throughout the year on MundoFox.

MundoFox has already built a base of 50 affiliate stations. MundoFox will be available on broadcast over-the-air television, as well as through cable, satellite and telco providers (for local channel number information, please visit or call your cable, satellite or telco provider).

“We’ve reached a tipping point in the evolution of U.S. Spanish-language programming and the time is right for MundoFox,” said Emiliano Saccone, President of MundoFox. “Like we did in 1986 when we launched Fox Broadcasting, we’ve read the landscape and believe the time is now. We know that while there is incredible competition in this arena, our strong line-up of inspired and creative programs, robust foundation of affiliates, internationally recognized advertisers and clear sense of direction are a formula for long-term success.”

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