MundoFox Network jumps ship from AmericaTeVe TV channel for WGEN-TV channel in Miami. [UPDATED]

MundoFox, the new U.S. Spanish-language broadcast network launched in August by Fox International Channels and the RCN Television Group (RCN) of Colombia re-assigns market affiliation to WGEN-TV, Channel 8 from AmericaTeve’s WJAN-CD in less than four months from launching the new network.

This move seems to indicate some “trouble in paradise” with the previous short lived TV affiliation agreement with America TeVe for the Miami market. AmericaTeve also is the assigned MundoFox affiliate in New York and Puerto Rico.

America CV Network, the station group that owns and operates stations WJAN and WFUN in South Florida, confirmed the termination of the affiliation agreement of WJAN with Mundofox in writing to Meanwhile, America CV Network’s stations WJPX Puerto Rico and WPXO New York continue to be MundoFox’ affiliates in their respective markets.

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