My own radio station – 100 artist I like on, a cigar (not Cuban) and a good scotch!

  Many of you know I spent 25 years in Hispanic Radio.  Maybe too long.

I have become a fan for about a month, paid the upgrade to ‘TEST’ on my computer and mobile.

My 100 and me. It’s all about me!

Lino Garcia from ESPN Deportes is also a BIG Fan listening to Pandora in NYC & the Catskills.Since I am a Latin Fusion fans, there is not a real radio station on ‘The PLANET’ out there except WDNA-FM in Miami that might come close.  Not on SiriusXM (the reason I joined XM in 2001 was channel 95 Luna – Latin Fusion , no longer in existence).

I continue to subscriber to SiriusXM to reminisce and be one of their Hispanic listeners, to make a point.

Pa’ Representar!

So be it.  I got Pandora.

Barreto, Olivencia, Chacao, Palmieri, Jobin, Tjader, Bebo, Hernandez, Chocolate, More, etc., etc. … with a little Barry, EWF, Maxwell, Billie, Stevie Ray, and Jimi H laced in.  My Boyz and some of the Galz of R&B & Jazz.

I know, what a mix?   But it is me!

How about you?

Gene Bryan

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