My pet peeves for 2012.

   It’s Ho! Ho! Ho! time, party time and looking to next year.  So with that said, here are my Top 10 pet peeves for 2012. 1- Professionals in our Industry need to understand the need to return calls and e-mails.  It is just proper business etiquette, even if there is not an opportunity to do business.  People need communication and have to deliver communication back to their people.  Two-way street.  Return your own calls, don’t have you assistant do it.  Nobody, and I mean nobody is that important or that busy. 2- Regarding #1 above – do it, you might be looking for a job soon and need help — – again.  Trust me, we get the calls and e-mails all the time. 3- The US Hispanic Ad Agencies need to better sell their skill-set & expertise more proactively. 4-  We need to enjoy the accomplishment of our media entities when they out deliver mainstream competitors or reach milestones that demonstrate critical mass and Industry accomplishments.  It is good for all of us, competitors alike and the Consumer. 5- Our Industry Conferences need to begin to challenge themselves and ensure that advertisers and key decision makers attend the conferences.  It makes them viable. 6-  Our up and coming professionals need to better understand our Industry’s history and lore, it gives a sense of belonging and community.  We need ‘The Book’.  Or write your own company’s book. 7- US Hispanic ad agencies need to recognize the US Hispanic focused trade journals not as ‘industry rags’ but as an important part of their public relations out reach.  They also need to understand that US Hispanic focused trade journals deliver CMOs and other key decision making executives that some mistakenly assume are only available in mainstream trade journals.  Need stats, give us a call. 8 – Let’s not waste the 2010 Census opportunity and the 55M+ reason to sell our Industry in 2012.   Our Industry organizations could have done a better job with this in 2011.  This is an opportunity that only comes every 10 years, we need to rebound from our inactivity. 9 – Say thank you, we are in a very difficult economic environment and if you are getting the account, the order or the client.  Gracias is a nice to hear. 10 – Read all of the above again. Do you have any you want to share? I will be issuing my Top Conferences to attend in 2012 shortly. Fortes in Fide. Gene Bryan – CEO –

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