NAHP President Zeke Montes Passes.

Zeke Montes is legendary for his commitment to the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) – and no one will or could serve more terms as President than the six terms he served. He was elected as the second NAHP President in 1986 and served three terms early in the NAHP history when board members were elected to one year terms (1986-1989). His many accomplishments from this period include the NAHP joining HACR and other key national organizations, the NAHP Group Buy program grew, the start of what is today the José Martí Awards, the NAHP gave it’s first scholarships, and our first convention in Mexico.

From 1999 to 2003 he served another 2 terms during a major growth period for the NAHP. During this time the NAHP had one of it’s most memorable events when future President of Mexico Fox and Edward James Olmos were at the same lunch and both gave amazing speeches. We were all spellbound as to having witnessed history. During this time period the NAHP grow to it’s largest number of members and largest conventions.

He was in the final year of his final two year term (2011-2013) when we lost him. While others have devoted meaningful time to the NAHP and the development of Hispanic Print – Zeke devoted his life. Right up to going to the hospital for the final time Zeke was concerned about keeping Hispanic Print and the NAHP growing and moving in the right direction.

Zeke was a very successful publisher, but I have to believe that he would have been even more successful if he hadn’t spent so much time trying to help those publications smaller than his also succeed. He wanted the tied to raise ALL the boats, was never happy if only a few were going to succeed. Zeke was truly a WE person, not a ME person.

The exact date for the services will be decided shortly, but is most likely either Monday, the 4th or Wednesday, the 6th. The NAHP is also setting up a fund that will help cover Zeke’s hospital cost.

By Kirk Whisler / Latino Print Network.

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