The New FTC Guidelines You Need to Know [WEBINAR]

Influencer Marketing has become a central focus of marketing strategies and budgets for 2017. According to Bloomberg, an estimated $255 million is now spent on influencer marketing every month. With a buy in like that, what’s the ROI? EMarketer reported that advertisers earned an average of $6.85 for every $1 they spent on influencer marketing.

As a result of the growing success of this new tactic, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) implemented influencer guidelines. These regulations were put into place to protect influencers, brands and consumers. All good things! But, what do these new guidelines mean for your campaign?

EGC Group hosted a webinar on influencer marketing and the new rules surrounding these programs, entitled “The New FTC Guidelines You Need to Know.”

In this webinar hosted by Influencer Marketing Manager, Jackie DiBella and Social Media and Business Attorney, Pedram Tabibi, you’ll learn quick, how-to information for launching an influencer marketing campaign the right way and the important FTC guidelines brands must follow.

Wrapping your head around this relatively new marketing strategy can be overwhelming, but this webinar makes it easy to understand the requirements to running a successful influencer campaign for your business.




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